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We've got something truly awesome for you – our amazing spring flower bouquet! It's packed with stunning stems of specialty tulips & narcissus that will blow your mind.

These blooms aren't your everyday kind. Nope, they're special. We're talking about parrot tulips with their flamboyant ruffled petals, fringed tulips with delicate, fringed edges and trumpet narcissus. They're real showstoppers, let me tell you.


6 Weeks of flowers!


These bouquets will be a mixture of the best blooms on the farm.


Flowers will be available for pickup:


Shady Lady Acres - N6823 Giebel Road, Eldorado



Village Grounds - 100 S Main St, Rosendale



Urban Fuel - N7645 N Peebles Ln Suite #3, Peebles


Flowers available for Delivery:


Delivered to your door (if you are within 10 miles of the farm or in Sussex, WI) *Delivery fee $10/week.


What you’ll get:

6 spring flower bouquets for less than $20 each – it’s a crazy good deal!

Farm fresh flowers

A variety of colors and textures


I'm so grateful for your interest in our flowers! Once you place your order, I'll send more details to your email inbox.

Spring Flower Bouquet Subscription



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